After traveling for 25 hours and 2230 KM from Hamburg to Bucharest/Romania (including some near-crashes after having crossed the border) we finally hit our destination – the capitol of Romania. All these magnificent buildings and building sites. Very impressive and exciting! “Crazy Martin” and his team had found a perfect playground for the first driving trials – an abandoned building site where the former president of Romania, Mr. Ceauasescu, was meant to build an opera venue that never happened … So at least we could make some use of it. After registration for the rally and having passed the medical check we unloaded our gear to get to do some driving on the Prolog course. And I managed to take a whole round! I really needed to convince myself to actually drive up those tables tops – and down again(“Come on, girl, you can do it …”)! In the end it was fun. The team had set up some challenging obstacles and exciting extra ramps.

So I felt prepared for the next day and Liz and I were all ready to take on the first leg of the rally. After the Prolog we are about to drive up into the hills until nightfall. Expected time of arrival in Sinaia: 8 – 10 p.m. The sun would be down at around 8 p.m.

After the Prolog that’s only meant to determine the rider’s positions on the starting line we are going to leave the town as a convoy. This is how the start is explained in the Rider’s Info: ”If you can not jump down at the start, don’t do it. We don’t want to have accidents there. Go on the chicken line, train and try next year.” So let’s see what’s going to happen there. So keep fingers crossed for us – I’ll be back with news tomorrow evening.