The Berlin-Breslau rally in the print media:

"You can see Tina Meier standing in a cloud of fine dust while some truck motors are roaring. It smells for petrol and overheated brake pads. The 34 year old takes of her helmet and laughs contentedly so you can see here white shiny teeth in the otherwise black and dust-covered face. This place could as well be some scenario from hell – and it certainly smells just like that – but Tina Meier smiles as if she had just entered some sort of beauty farm and spa. And her enthusiasm seems to be genuine: “This IS fun!” [�] More here.

Only in German  (Courtesy of Marcus Müller.)

Apparently, there will a sequel article in SZ newspaper. We will surely keep you updated.

And there’s more news about the girls taking part in the rally in “Allradfreunde” [more].