Hi Adriver,

I tried to sign up to your forum to give some explanations about my Rally fairings. But the registration was not possible. So I hope you get this message…

The small fearing I had on my KTM EXC fits as well on most of the other Enduros. And it is just perfect for the small rallyes where a big fairing is not nessesary.
You are right…my father handcrafted it. It is his job to do this works – of course he usually built boats.
But if you are interested I could send some more detailed pics.
The headlight could be fitted later, so you could take every light you like or your bike has.
Of course you can get it in every colour you could imagine. It will be made just for you.



The second fearing is from my Dakar 2008 Rally Team Adventure Addicts Assistance from Belgium.
It is called the A3 Kit. and it is for the Yamaha WR 450. One big fuel reservoire with 26 liters.


And the one on my new Dakar 2009 Bike is from Dakarteck, Portugal. Pedro Oliveira built it and you can order just for the Yamaha WR 450. There are 4 fuel reservoirs in total 32 liters.