Only 10 days to go before we’re off to the South. My service assistant, Silke (I got to know her at the Berlin-Breslau rally), and I have allowed ourselves 2 days to travel to Bucharest. We have also planned to make a gourmet stop-over in Neusiedl am See where the restaurant “Nyikospark” of my favorite cook, Sascha Huber, is located. You just have to enjoy life to the full before facing such a strenuous rally event. So we are looking forward to our sundowner on the Mole West with a breathtaking view over the lake. That’s also a place where you can check out some fantastic local wine. From there on we will have travel further 1000 KM through Hungary and Romania.

Bucharest is this year’s starting point for the Red Bull Romaniacs rally. We can’t wait to see what kind of challenges the organizers will have in stock for us. I heard that the pro drivers are supposed to drive up to the 4th floor of a building, the team drivers up to 3rd floor and the amateur class drivers, like us, still up to the 2nd floor. Thinking about it: How am I supposed to get down again? Down the stairs or out some window? Just to be prepared, my team mate, Liz Millett, and I have taken some training rounds of “stair driving”. As for the flying parts – we’ll find out about that soon enough, I guess.

This year we’re registered as a team while we both have taking part in that rally on our own before. So consider us being EnduRoMania veterans.

You will be easily able to recognize us by our unique and fantastic racing shirts I have designed myself. If you want to purchase such a shirt please feel free to contact me. I can ship as soon as you have paid a nominal charge. But don’t wait too long: It’s a strictly limited edition!!!