Once again crazy Martin and his crew will organize a very nice trip through the romanian mountains for us…

The Course

The Prolog – The extreme show of motorcycles within Sibiu’s Town Center

Saturday 15th of August 2009 / Sibiu’s Town Center

The now legendary debut of the rally represents the prologue of the Red Bull Romaniacs, wherein competitors prove their endurance skills and experience in front of fans, television crews and journalists. The stars of this sport will stand out in this extreme race within Sibiu’s town center – where artificial obstacles will help create an amazing motorcycle show. The unpredictable as well as the contestants, who amaze with their abilities in extreme conditions, will keep the audience in a breathtaking trance throughout the entire race.

Andy Fazakas and MC Crazy Bike Sibiu, he pleasantly surprised us every year with spectacular obstacles, extreme elements, and the safety measures, as well.

In other words, the prologue of the Red Bull Romaniacs is the sum of all the ideas, experiences and the philosophies of this competition – a difficult contest, where only the best can win, but everyone has fun and competes in total safety. We encourage Red Bull Romaniacs fans to browse all the information on the site and check the media to find out more details regarding the exact location and time of the event. The contest’s stages are difficult to get to, but the best place to live the spirit of the Red Bull Romaniacs is the Prologue. See you there!

The offroad competition – the track for 2009

The four cross country stages take place 

16th August / Start & finish Sibiu

17th August / Start Sibiu – finish in Petrosani 

18th August / Start Petrosani – finish Sibiu 

19th August / Start & finish Sibiu       Prize giving and Party Party

 The length of the track varies for every class, meaning 100km or 200km per day.

The main challenges of the course are the technical parts, which lead through wood areas, where you may stumble upon rocks and rubble every now and then.

Pit stops are placed over distances of aproximately 70 km, where the contestants can refuel their motorcycles and have the oportunity to refresh themselves with Red Bull and water.

The track will be paved by stripes, signs and colored markings, but to guarantee the safety of the contestants, they will have the official track of the contest loaded onto GPS devices. The markings and GPS devices will ensure the navigation while competing, road books and other expensive technical equipment being unnecessary.  Every single Pro, expert single and team will have a mini tracker. The public can watch this live on our website. 

There will be specially designed places for fans to bare witness the struggle of the competitors in the toughest Hard Enduro Rally in the world. Information regarding the location of these points for the audience, as well as the hours between which the show is taking place will be published on the site and in the media in due time.