Countdown for the last few kilometers for all riders who are still race. More than 23 Teams, nearly 50 per cent, are disqualified. This rally is tougher than the rest and you get what you paid for 😉
Our bad luck started at km 37 of the first day. The chain at liz´ bike went of and it took us 4 hrs to get rid of this problem. We had to loose the swingarm – but nobody had the tool for that in his bumbag.
But it was very nice to see how helpful every rider was. All guys said: Hey Girls, no problem, we´ll fix that for you. Then tried everything we tried already, and then give up with the words… sorry, we can´t help you. here you find a picture of the "little problem"


In the end we had a lot fun riding on the nice track, but we lost too much time to finish the day.

Now I have to go, the first riders will arrive at the finish and I want to take some nice pictures at the tricky obstical at the Monument.