„How coexistence let me finish my Rally Dakar Adventure“

Tina Meier TEDx Marrakech

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Tina Meier has been working since 25 years as an auditor for the Internal Revenue Service in Hamburg, Germany and as Business Coach.
She made her live´s dream come true: she is a Rally Dakar finisher on a motorbike.
The Rally Dakar is the worlds hardest marathon offroad rally. 14 days, 10.000 kilometers, 12-14 hours riding per day. Only half of the 180 motorbike riders manage to reach the finish line.
In her third attempt Tina Meier completed 2010 her dream as one of three women in this male dominated adventure.

Her motto „Complaining is silly – either act or forget” made the difference.
With strong commitment, endurance and a big improvisation talent she followed her vision.
In her motivational talks she inspires her audience to follow the call of their passion and extend their comfort zone on the way.
She talks about her experiences in a multi-cultural-team, how she overcame obstacles, deal with defeats and how she motivated herself to continue her way.
Mastering this extreme challenge is only possible with the support of an excellent team and the cooperation of the competitors.
Her conclusion: „Coexistence or no existence“!
As Challenge Facilitator she is empowering her clients with lectures, workshops and trainings to discover their own success-factors to experience their own success-stories with the help of storytelling.

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